When creating an enum in Java you can usually call it's name()-method to 
get the String-representation of that enum, e.g. calling MyEnum.TEST.name() 
would return the String "TEST". When generating enums with jOOQ however the 
name()-method would return something like "my_enum" (at least for version 
3.8 using a MySQL dialect). The javadoc of the interface EnumType states in 
addition for the name()-method "The type name as registered in the 
database, if applicable (Postgres-scope enum type only). Otherwise, this 
returns <code>null</code>"? Is there a way to make the name()-method return 
the String-representation of the enum? As a workaround I can use the 
toString()-method, however this is not possible when working together with 
3rd party libraries.

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