Thanks Robert.

That is pretty cool.  But it seems to be hard to use correctly for nested 
transactions or any other case where the function you pass to "apply" needs 
to call subroutines.  You could pass your "Transactor" to subroutines 
giving them access to your original DSLContext, but they wouldn't have 
access to the special instance of Configuration that was created when you 
called "ctx.transaction(....)", so they might not be running in the same 

That is the problem I'm trying to solve.  Many of my database manipulation 
routines can be broken down into a series of smaller actions which I put 
into subroutines and I want to make sure those happen in the same 

On Friday, February 23, 2018 at 3:53:23 PM UTC-8, Robert DiFalco wrote:
> One of the problems I had with the JOOQ transaction approach is that I 
> could not enforce that users only make SQL calls through a transaction. I 
> solved it by making this little class. 

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