I want to configure my project with two different database server using 
JOOQ. Both the DB servers are of postgresql. I am quite aware of how to 
configure with single database server and then communicating with 
single/multiple schemas. But I did not get enough information to configure 
and then communicate with two different DB server.

For e.g. I have two differnet DB server one at my local machine and another 
one on remote machine (
Now I need to communicate with two databases like sec_master_test (in 
localhost) and sec_pii (in remote machine).
Relevant schemas are testods (in localhost) and testpii (in remote machine).

 As of now my pom.xml looks like the following.

            <!-- JDBC connection parameters -->
    <!-- Generator parameters -->

This above configuration works fine when both the schemas (testods, 
testpii) are in the same database.
Can you please suggest what configuration change is required if both the 
schemas are in two different database servers.

Just FYI, I do not want to join b/w tables of two different DB servers. My 
use case is I want to fetch some information from a table in local database 
and based on the result want to query another table in remote database 

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