Indeed, the JDK's Stream API doesn't offer any way to create chunks /
substreams based on chunk sizes. Perhaps, you might find some appropriate
abstraction in jOO╬╗

But really, an imperative approach based on the org.jooq.Cursor type might
be the easiest way forward. fetchLazy() produces a Cursor but doesn't
actually fetch anything yet. You can then call appropriate methods on the
Cursor, including Cursor.fetchNext(int):

I hope this helps,

2018-03-13 17:55 GMT+01:00 LMey <>:

> Thank you. Alright so AFAIK, maybe besides fiddling with the spliterator,
> there's no straightforward way of processing chunks from a stream. I guess
> I'd better be off working with a Cursor directly. I've seen fetchLazy does
> not accept a RecordMapper callback. Is there any way of using one when
> lazily fetching ? I haven't seen anything in the doc and I'd like to avoid
> a RecordN leaking from my repository.

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