is it possible to use an .odt file with checkbox as a template with 
jopendocument ?
Because when I create an odt file with a checkbox, and I do : 
// Load 2 text documents
 File f1 = new File(resourceURL.getFile());
 ODSingleXMLDocument p1 = ODSingleXMLDocument.createFromPackage(f1);

 File f2 = new File(resourceURL.getFile());
 ODSingleXMLDocument p2 = ODSingleXMLDocument.createFromPackage(f2);

 // Concatenate them

  // Save to file and Open the document with OpenOffice.org !
    OOUtils.open(p1.saveToPackageAs(new File("cat")));

the result file as two pages and two radio buttons, but they are not 
when a check the forst, the second is automatically check.

Can you help me please to fix the problem please ?


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