I've never used it, but you could try Base, part of OpenOffice:

Its built as an Access competitor/replacement, so its possible it may
give what you need.  No personal anecodates though, as I've never used


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You guessed it, this probably has nothing to do with Java. Go ahead, ban
me from the list. :-P
I'm looking for something that smells like MS Access (or better)
Filemaker that enables a nitwit (i.e. end user) to flip data around,
edit it, import/export it... solution must be multi-user, and can't be
The tool must be ridiculously snappy because it will compete for
mindshare with Excel...even though we all know Excel is for flippin'
calculations... not manipulating tables of data...but that's how people
use it...they filter, they sort, they copy/paste, they fill-down. It is
what it is. Excel is a better mousetrap for most folks.
You might say, "Well...then just flippin' use MS Access + SQL
Server...<and go away from this Java User Group list, ya foolhardy
Bzzzz. SQL Server isn't an option. 
There's gotta be some desktop app that does some of the neat trickery
that the http://www.dabbledb.com folks do in a webapp... something that
will run cross-platform and connect to Oracle or MySQL for data.
Yes...I realize what I'm asking about is a 4GL Client/Server app. Go
ahead and tell me why that's stupid you must...and I'll ignore it with
as much aplomb as I can muster. <grin>

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