> MS Access will allow you to attach to any ODBC datasource 
> including Oracle and do some really fun stuff.  
Yep, that is definitely an option worth consideration. I seem to recall
having pain when I did this in the past because MS Access frankly wasn't
built to play nice (imho) with anything besides JET and SQL Server. ;-)

> Toad is the 
> other product I always think of when talking about Oracle made easy.
I've got Toad, good stuff...but I'd categorize that as a "tool for
DBA/Developers"...not so much for "end users". 

> You won't mind me replying to your non-java question, because 
> (even though I was born in Tucson) I live in Scottsdale.  
> Guess that makes me not really a qualified TJUG member. ;)
lol... I'm pleased you didn't just throw the email into /dev/null.


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