On Dec 9, 2008, at 9:16 PM, Chad Woolley wrote:

Damn, didn't mean for the trollfest to turn ugly. But it's fun to watch.

I suppose it is easy to be offended by people interested in tech-A (or to the extent of passionate) if your living is based on tech-B. Offended humans usually get ugly.

No love here. But, I'd still drink a beer with ya, and shake your hand. ;-) Well, except you Chad...you get neither. Ha. We're due for another Pahonix appearance.

I think what Chad raised in #3 is relative. It does not take much effort to recognize why there's a lot of hype in the Ruby (Rails/Merb- fueled) world. There's a crap-load of cool, innovating technologies, that are enabling better software (via better software engineering). Just take a look at what is happening in the Java world with OSGi. The control factor is killing Java's ecosystem (the JCP) - ultimately preventing innovation. Java7 reminds me of the churning out of Vista, just to get something in stores. Please don't mistake these observations for a personal desire to see Java fail. But, having spent time with multiple EGs I can tell you it aint pretty - and Sun isn't remotely close to as "Open" as they would like the development ponds to believe. Sure, this has provided an opportunity for orgs like SpringSource to sprout (hehe), and small dev houses like G2One to make a ducket.

Reality is Java isn't going away...so sleep well. Chad, you too - for there will always be good bait thrown your way. :) Java IS dead, long live Java! Man, that just cracks me up.

Anyone have any experience with RTSJ?

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