Our new fun musical chairs on the Pitt Campus continues this Thursday at 
5:00PM. We are going to be in the Lower Lounge of the William Pitt Union. 
Presumably this is below the Upper Lounge, wherever that is. I will try and be 
there early so please call me if you are lost. You can reach me at 412 
708-3638. On the upside we will be closer to where you can buy the third worst 
burger on the Eastern Seaboard. I kid you not I got one of these burgers and 
could not finish it. I tried to give it to Buddy and he would not eat it. 

So come on out and join us for some Thursday Juggling at Pitt. 

SR Gailey Chief Clown of the Steel City Clown Brigade, Secretary of the CMU 
Masters of Flying Objects and ever hopeful for the Pitt Masters of Dropping 
Objects will give me a new title. 
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