I would like to invite you to read the entire email. There is a bunch of stuff 
happening in the near future. So please read through the email. As always if 
you want a slack line, unicycle or other special juggling item let me know. 
There are many items we do not bring out unless someone wants them. You can 
reach me at 412 708-3638.

Anyway, we will be meeting in Newell Simon Hall at 4:00 PM this Sunday. If you 
would like a unicycle or slack line at this Sunday's meeting let me know. 
You can join us online starting at 5:00 PM at https://meet.goto.com/189934429

The Steel City Clown Brigade will be joining the Dalas Fort Worth Clown online 
Monday at 7:00PM at of office on the South Side. If you would like to come by 
let me know. 

Basic Clown Classes will be starting February 21st. They will be in person at 
the Clown Cave on the South Side or online at: https://meet.goto.com/189934429
If you like to attend please let me know. There are materials and equipment you 
need ahead of time. 

Ideas of Ideas March March 15th at the corner of Warrington and Arlington 
Avenues. Dress up in your funniest clothes and come juggle or play an 
instrument. Whatever you want. We need to warn people that there will be a 
March on the Ideas of March.

On Thursday we will be meeting on the Pitt Campus for our weekly meeting hosted 
by the Masters of Dropping Objects. Be there or be somewhere else. 

As for the big sports ball event this Sunday I will bring a screen and we can 
stream it if anyone would like to see the game. I don't know why anyone tunes 
in. I just assume the Steelers are going to win, somehow, even if they are not 
playing. The only way they can lose is if they let Bubby Brister start this 
year. So, get your couch dragged into the streets to light it on fire to 
celebrate yet another Steeler Super Sports Bowl victory. 

Oh, and the person asking about if Dube stage balls are based on Cricket Balls 
the answer is no. 

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