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The Beatification of John McCain

“All over this world, Mr. McCain is associated with freedom and democracy. He 
has championed human rights with verve and tirelessness — speaking out against 
repression and authoritarianism,” - The Washington Post in a recent pre-eulogy.

Neil Clark
Sat, Jul 29, 2017

The news the ultra-hawkish, pro-war US Senator John ‘Bomb, Bomb, Iran’ McCain 
has been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer has led 
to gushing eulogies to a great ‘hero’ of ‘freedom’ in elite circles in the US 
and other Western countries.

Brain cancer is a terrible disease, and no humane person would wish it on 
anyone. But does McCain‘s illness mean we have to sanitize his record of 
relentless warmongering and portray him as a 21st Century version of Mahatma 
Gandhi? It’s one thing not to jump on people when they are fighting for their 
life, but it’s quite another to ludicrously distort the historical record.

Take the Washington Post. They ran a hagiographic article at the weekend 
entitled “What we can learn from John McCain.”

“All over this world, Mr. McCain is associated with freedom and democracy. He 
has championed human rights with verve and tirelessness — speaking out against 
repression and authoritarianism,” the neocon newspaper 

But McCain’s champion of human rights and ‘freedom and democracy’ has been 
highly selective, to say the least, and has involved him associating with and 
supporting some very dubious characters.

In Ukraine, he met with far-right 
 forces who wanted the forcible overthrow of the democratically elected 

He shared a platform with the ultra-nationalist Oleh Tyahnybohk, who in 2004 
had attacked what he called “the Moscow-Jewish mafia ruling Ukraine.”

Imagine the furor if say, the British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had met with 
such a figure. But the very neocon gatekeepers who attack Corbyn 24-7 were 
silent when McCain did.

In 2011, McCain praised the ‘heroic’ rebels in Libya - having repeatedly called 
for the anti-government fighters to be armed. But the ‘rebellion’ against 
Gaddafi was dominated by hardcore jihadists, many with links to Al-Qaeda, such 
as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which Manchester Arena bomber 
 Salman Abedi and his father were associated with.

In one photograph 
 McCain can be seen presenting a gift 
 to the former LIFG emir, Abdel Hakim Bel-Hadj. Again, just imagine if this had 
been Jeremy Corbyn.

In Syria, as in Libya, McCain repeatedly lobbied for ‘rebels’ to be given 
military aid by the US, as well as calling for cruise missile strikes on 
government positions.

In 2013, the man described as “America’s leading advocate of intervention in 
the Syrian crisis” met with Syrian ‘rebels’- crossing into Syria illegally 
(little things like national sovereignty don’t matter much to neocons like 

Two years later, the great ‘human rights crusader’ led a delegation of US 
Senators to meet that other well-known champion of human rights, Crown Prince 
Salman of Saudi Arabia and the commander of Saudi Arabia’s Syrian ‘rebel’ 
 training and equipment program.

Just think of the hundreds of thousands killed in Syria because of these McCain 
supported ‘training and equipment’programs.

Most members of the human race think of sex (or going to the toilet) when they 
first wake up in the morning. But not John McCain. War is always on his mind.

“When John wakes up in the morning the first thing he says is Air strikes!’’ 
his friend Sen. Dick Lugar once said 

Do we think this is normal- and something to cheer? If so, heaven help us.

Having played his part in keeping the fires burning in Syria McCain reacted to 
the presence of ISIS there- by outrageously claiming that Russia’s Vladimir 
 was a greater threat than Islamic State.

One wonders what the families and loved ones of those killed in ISIS terrorist 
atrocities in the Middle East, Africa and around the world thought of that 

Since 2016, McCain has become a poster boy for many liberals because of his 
implacable opposition to Donald Trump. Incredibly - and rather obscenely- 
bearing in mind the millions who have died in wars in global south countries 
that McCain has supported or propagandized; for ‘progressives’ have been lining 
up to praise a hard-right warmonger who makes the late Ronald Reagan look like 
a joss-stick waving peace-loving hippy. British Labour MP David Lammy described 
McCain as “one of the best Republican candidates” of his lifetime.

This is about a man who joked, in a very unpleasant way, about bombing Iran and 
in 1983 voted against creating a Martin Luther King national holiday. It’s one 
thing to wish McCain “Get well soon,” it’s quite another to say he’s the 
greatest thing since sliced bread and The Beatles.

[ Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran (mckathomas, 19 apr 2007)

McCain loves to champion protesters and rebels in ‘Official Enemy’ countries 
but is less keen when Americans protest about the crimes of their government. 
“Shut up, or I’ll have you arrested,”he snarled at 
<> anti-war protesters who called in 
the Senate for the war crimes prosecution of the former Secretary of State 
Henry Kissinger. “Get out of here you low-life scum,” he added.

For McCain terrorists who blow up government forces and kill civilians in Libya 
and Syria are ‘heroes,' but conscientious peaceful protesters in his own 
country are ‘scum.'

Possibly the most laughably o.t.t. piece about the Arizona senator (and it’s a 
very crowded field) appeared in the National Review.

Entitled “Homo Americanus,” 
 the article’s author argued that McCain is “as close to a great man as his 
generation has produced.” McCain’s illness is portrayed not just as a personal 
tragedy - but a national one.

“It is surely too much to say that McCain’s recovery will be America’s. But it 
is hard to envision America’s recovery without McCain’s.”

What utter rot. It’s the policies of endless war and ‘interventionism’which 
McCain espouses which have got the US into its current mess.

To recover, and to get its public finances back in order, the US must return to 
being a republic and not an empire. McCain’s policies have been disastrous for 
his country and ordinary American citizens. And around the world, they have 
caused absolute chaos, as well as leading to a refugee crisis of Biblical 
proportions and significantly increasing the global terror threat.

Alas, there’s no sign as yet that McCain’s 
 illness will change him. On the day his diagnosis was announced, he issued a 
bellicose statement on Syria,blasting Trump’s decision to end the CIA’s $1 
billion-a-year covert arm-and-train program for Syrian ‘rebels’ and calling 
again, (for what must be the five millionth time) for the overthrow of 
President Assad, which he said must be a ‘key pillar’ of US policy.

The best thing we can hope for is that McCain 
recovers (he’ll certainly get better cancer treatment than the Syrians whose 
public health system he has helped to destroy), and then uses whatever time he 
still has on this planet to atone for his sins. We shouldn’t wish the Senator 
dead, despite all the damage he has caused around the world, but pray that 
he’ll one day join us, the ‘low-life scum,‘ marching against illegal wars of 
aggression he would earlier have supported.

I know that’s a 1000-1 shot, but it’s the nicest thing to do.

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