For clarity, I'd just like to note that is
the candidate revision, and you can deploy this on 1.25.6 (without
--channel support) by being specific about the revision number:

    juju deploy cs:ubuntu-8

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 2:56 PM, Rick Harding <>

> Typically you'd be able to tell the source for charms set via
> charm show ubuntu homepage
> charm show ubuntu bugs-url
> In this case they're both set to so not helpful in
> getting to the source.

I feel like this highlights the fact that there is some ambiguity in these
fields.  Many charms set these (or at least homepage) to point to the
upstream project.  Of course, ideally, the charm would be a part of its
respective upstream project, but that may not be the case for various
reasons and in those cases it would be helpful to differentiate the
upstream project URL, and possibly upstream bug tracker, from the charm
repo URL and bug tracker.

On a related note, though, the homepage field is no longer displayed
anywhere that I can find on  Why is it not included in the
Contribute sidebar?
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