Hi all,

I know about methods() and applicable(), but is there a way to tell, given a 
multiple dispatch method name and a possible input, which method specifically 
would be called (the line number and the parameter types/function signature)? 
When I was trying to determine which of a method with many, very similar 
dispatches, would be called on a certain input, I had to resort to putting 
print statements in every candidate and rebuilding Julia, which was inefficient.

which(issymmetric, fill(NaN, 1, 1))
Would return the file and like of the issymmetric method that would be called 
when supplied this input (there are many to choose from).

If nothing like this exists, it seems like a good feature to add. It is not 
always immediately clear which method will be called when there are only slight 
differences in the parameter types.

Thanks in advance.

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