Thanks a lot, Jeffrey! Incredibly, this worked.


On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 6:48 PM, Jeffrey Sarnoff <>

> I have had this happen, too.  My suggestion is  grounded in persistence
> rather than deep mastery of Julia's structural and file relationships.
> So someone else may have a more studied approach with some explaining.
> Until then,
> quit() Julia.
> To have an new install be really clean, first cd  to <whereitis>/.julia/
> and delete the directory `v0.5` -- if that is overkill because you do not
> want to redo many Pkg.add()s then cd v0.5 and delete the METADATA directory
> the REQUIRE file and the META_BRANCH file and the entry for whatever
> packages you had added just before this difficulty (including those that
> have hiccuped on precompile).
> now delete and then reget the most current binary for your system
> julia-0.5.0-rc4-osx10.7+.dmg
> <>
> install
> Then start julia and quit().  Then start Julia and do Pkg.update() then
> quit().
> Then start julia and do Pkg.add() for 1 package you want then quit(). then
> start julia and do using <thatpackage> (so it precompiles) and quit().
> now try using that package.
> On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 4:43:06 AM UTC-4, Michael Borregaard
> wrote:
>> Hi, Is this the right forum for troubleshooting / issues with my julia
>> install?
>> I have kept having problems with packages giving error on precompile,
>> rendering julia unusable. I then reinstalled julia-0.5-rc4, and removed my
>> .julia folder from my home dir to do a fresh install. Now, Julia fails with
>> an error message when I do Pkg.update():
>> julia> Pkg.update()
>> INFO: Initializing package repository /Users/michael/.julia/v0.5
>> INFO: Cloning METADATA from
>> ERROR: SystemError (with /Users/michael/.julia/v0.5/METADATA): rmdir:
>> Directory not empty
>>  in #systemerror#51 at ./error.jl:34 [inlined]
>>  in (::Base.#kw##systemerror)(::Array{Any,1}, ::Base.#systemerror,
>> ::Symbol, ::Bool) at ./<missing>:0
>>  in #rm#7(::Bool, ::Bool, ::Function, ::String) at ./file.jl:125
>>  in #rm#7(::Bool, ::Bool, ::Function, ::String) at
>> /Applications/
>> ia/sys.dylib:?
>>  in (::Base.Filesystem.#kw##rm)(::Array{Any,1}, ::Base.Filesystem.#rm,
>> ::String) at ./<missing>:0
>>  in init(::String, ::String) at ./pkg/dir.jl:62
>>  in #cd#1(::Array{Any,1}, ::Function, ::Function, ::String,
>> ::Vararg{Any,N}) at ./pkg/dir.jl:28
>>  in update() at ./pkg/pkg.jl:210
>> I assums that a completely clean install should work. Are there keys to
>> delete etc that will give me a properly clean install? I am on Mac OS X
>> (newest version).
>> Thanks!

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