On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 6:30:46 AM UTC, Tony Kelman wrote:
> Hello all! The latest bugfix release of the Julia 0.4.x line has been 
> released. We've been a bit distracted with 0.5 release candidates so this 
> also took longer than our usual monthly target. This may be the last 
> release of the 0.4 line, unless new issues are brought to our attention 
> that need backporting to the release-0.4 branch. Binaries are available 
> from the usual place <http://julialang.org/downloads/>

"For Julia 0.4, only bugfixes are being supported. Releases older than 0.4 
are now unmaintained."

while http://julialang.org/downloads/oldreleases.html

says (is this contradicting?):

"v0.3.12 (critical bugfixes only)" should it say similar to "v0.2.1 
(unmaintained)"? I made a PR to that effect, some time ago. [I see 0.3 is 
now "frozen" for packages.]

Maybe it's a conscious choice to keep that language (no need to rule out 
critical [security] bugfixes?) but it is some promise we want to keep? I've 
noticed there haven't been any updates to 0.3.x in a while. For any 
release, can you think of any security updates?

[At least I will be moving to 0.5, maybe for some good to have 0.4 
supported for a while, I doubt anyone is stuck on 0.3 (or older)..]


(however the links for 0.4.7 will be moved to the old releases page very 
> soon), and as is typical with such things, please report all issues to 
> either the issue tracker <https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/issues>, or 
> email the julia-users list. If you reply to this message on julia-users, 
> please do not cc julia-news which is intended to be low-volume.
> This is a bugfix release, see this commit log 
> <https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/compare/v0.4.6...v0.4.7> for the list 
> of bugs fixed between 0.4.6 and 0.4.7. Bugfix backports to the 0.4.x line 
> may continue if necessary. If you are a package author and want to rely on 
> functionality that did not work in earlier 0.4.x releases but does work in 
> 0.4.7 in your package, please be sure to change the minimum julia version 
> in your REQUIRE file to 0.4.7 accordingly. If you're not sure about this, 
> you can test your package specifically against older 0.4.x releases on 
> Travis and/or locally.
> This is a recommended upgrade for anyone using previous releases who 
> intends to keep using Julia 0.4 even after Julia 0.5.0 gets released, and 
> should act as a drop-in replacement for prior 0.4.x releases. If you find 
> any regressions relative to previous releases, please let us know.
> -Tony

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