On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 5:08:41 AM UTC-4, Tony Kelman wrote:
> At long last, we can announce the final release of Julia 0.5.0! See the 
> release notes at https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/blob/release-0.5/NEWS.md 
> for more details, and expect a blog post with some highlights within the next 
> few days. Binaries are available from the usual place, and please report all 
> issues to either the issue tracker or email the julia-users list. Don't CC 
> julia-news, which is intended to be low-volume, if you reply to this message.
> Many
>  thanks to all the contributors, package authors, users and reporters of
>  issues who helped us get here. We'll be releasing regular monthly 
> bugfix backports from the 0.5.x line, while major feature work is 
> ongoing on master for 0.6-dev. Enjoy!
> We haven't made the change just yet, but to package authors: please be aware 
> that `release` on Travis CI for `language: julia` will change meaning to 0.5 
> shortly. So if you want to continue supporting Julia 0.4 in your package, 
> please update your .travis.yml file to have an "- 0.4" entry under `julia:` 
> versions. When you want to drop support for Julia 0.4, update your REQUIRE 
> file to list `julia 0.5` as a lower bound, and the next time you tag the 
> package be sure to increment the minor or major version number via 
> `PkgDev.tag(pkgname, :minor)`.


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