I'm trying to build a cross compiled version for Windows using  Windows 
Subsystem For Ubuntu

$ git status
On branch master
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.

commit 683945155c64b8b68bf03d768745d650d4df142a

$ cat Make.user
override XC_HOST = x86_64-w64-mingw32

I get the following wine errors?

x86_64-w64-mingw32-ar: creating libspqr.a
a - spqr_rmap.o
a - SuiteSparseQR_C.o
a - SuiteSparseQR_expert.o
a - spqr_parallel.o
a - spqr_kernel.o
a - spqr_analyze.o
a - spqr_assemble.o
a - spqr_cpack.o
a - spqr_csize.o
a - spqr_fcsize.o
a - spqr_debug.o
a - spqr_front.o
a - spqr_factorize.o
a - spqr_freenum.o
a - spqr_freesym.o
a - spqr_freefac.o
a - spqr_fsize.o
a - spqr_maxcolnorm.o
a - spqr_rconvert.o
a - spqr_rcount.o
a - spqr_rhpack.o
a - spqr_rsolve.o
a - spqr_stranspose1.o
a - spqr_stranspose2.o
a - spqr_hpinv.o
a - spqr_1fixed.o
a - spqr_1colamd.o
a - SuiteSparseQR.o
a - spqr_1factor.o
a - spqr_cumsum.o
a - spqr_shift.o
a - spqr_happly.o
a - spqr_panel.o
a - spqr_happly_work.o
a - SuiteSparseQR_qmult.o
a - spqr_trapezoidal.o
a - spqr_larftb.o
a - spqr_append.o
a - spqr_type.o
a - spqr_tol.o
    PERL base/pcre_h.jl
    PERL base/errno_h.jl
    CC usr/bin/libccalltest.dll
    PERL base/fenv_constants.jl
    PERL base/file_constants.jl
    PERL base/uv_constants.jl
    PERL base/build_h.jl.phony
    CC src/support/hashing.o
    PERL base/version_git.jl.phony
    CC src/support/timefuncs.o
    CC src/support/ptrhash.o
    CC src/support/operators.o
    CC src/support/utf8.o
    CC src/support/ios.o
    CC src/support/htable.o
    CC src/support/bitvector.o
    CC src/support/int2str.o
timefuncs.c: In function 'jl_gettimeofday':
timefuncs.c:35:20: warning: implicit declaration of function '_ftime64_s' 
     errno_t code = _ftime64_s(&tb);
    CC src/support/libsupportinit.o
    CC src/support/arraylist.o
    CC src/support/strtod.o
    CC src/support/asprintf.o
    CC src/support/wsasocketpair.o
    CC src/support/strptime.o
    CC src/support/_setjmp.win64.o
    CC src/support/_longjmp.win64.o
    LINK src/support/libsupport.a
    CC src/flisp/flisp.o
    CC src/flisp/builtins.o
    CC src/flisp/string.o
    CC src/flisp/equalhash.o
    CC src/flisp/table.o
    CC src/flisp/iostream.o
    CC src/flisp/julia_extensions.o
    CC src/flisp/flmain.o
    LINK src/flisp/libflisp.a
    LINK src/flisp/flisp
    FLISP src/julia_flisp.boot
/usr/bin/wine: 1: /usr/bin/wine: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting 
/usr/bin/wine: 1: /usr/bin/wine: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting 
/usr/bin/wine: 1: /usr/bin/wine: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting 
/usr/bin/wine: 1: /usr/bin/wine: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting 
make[1]: *** [julia_flisp.boot] Error 2

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