Hello, all.  Starting out with Julia.

I need to display some pseudo-color images so I'm playing around with the 
ImageView package.  It seems to be running very slowly.  Displaying one of 
the images from TestImages can take nearly a minute:
img = testimage( "cameraman" )
Gray Images.Image with:
  data: 512×512 Array{ColorTypes.Gray{FixedPointNumbers.UFixed{UInt8,8}},2}
    colorspace: Gray
    spatialorder:  x y

julia> tic(); ImageView.view( img ); toc();
elapsed time: 50.552471225 seconds
Zooming and other interaction with the mouse is similarly sluggish.

I didn't expect this for a 512x512 grayscale image.  I am running Julia 
version 0.5.1-pre+2 and ImageView is running into some issues with 
deprecated functionality and namespace conflicts.  However, the above did 
not generate any warnings at all but still took 50 seconds to display.  
This is all under Linux.  Any ideas why this is happening or if I could be 
doing something wrong?

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