hey Mike,

On 3/11/2018 8:21, Michaël Michaud wrote:
> Hi Jumpers,
> One of the next big step will be to migrate to jts 1.15 

let's do those as usual in trunk

>and java 1.8.

same here, currently i see no incompatibilities. what changes do you propose 

> Migrating to jts 1.15 will probably break a lot of plugins. How do you think 
> we should manage this migration ?

preferably with a compatibility layer, eg. two classloaders, one w/ old, one 
new jts. or standin JTS classes in OJ core, that fix incompatibilities on a one 
by one basis.

> I think we can start this migration on the trunk, and if something need o be 
> fixed on OpenJUMP 1.12, fix it on 1.12 tag.

yeah, no ;). tags are immutable.

> Or should we make another branch for important fixes on 1.12 ?

we would actually need a branch for this, which i don't like because of the 
management overhead.

let's talk about it some more, before we settle on a decision.

main points for me are
- what possibly breaks w/ new JTS (Mike?)
- are there drawbacks to declare OJ Core java8+ compatible instantly (i see 


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