On 3/11/2018 23:40, Michaël Michaud wrote:
>> now thinking up a routine that takes over most if the src code creation. 
>> something hackish iterating over the jts sources and creating the above 
>> mentioned sources that then will need some finetuning only hopefully.
> This solution looks better to me as it is more oriented toward the new 
> package (new code can be written with the new package name).
> If it works fine, we could migrate OpenJUMP slowly toward the new package 
> name and keep this solution only to solve compatibility
> problems arising on not-yet-migrated plugins/extensions.

that's the idea :)

> I'm pretty sure that some classes will need more care though (maybe internal 
> classes or final classes...)

jupp, but we'll see about them. most extensions probably do not use JTS in such 
fine detail.. ede

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