I'm thinking our local Juniper vendor is taking us for his personal Q&A...

Another tech sold to us instead of VCF: Fusion.

    Anyone got it working on MX240+QFX5100...


    < basic satellite config >

    set interfaces ge-102/0/20 unit 0 family inet address


    Every time I try to ping .12, I get this log.

Aug 10 07:49:56 <snip> fpc2 KERNEL/PFE APP=NH OUT OF SYNC: error code 3 REASON: NH add received for an ifl that does not exist ERROR-SPECIFIC INFO: nh_id=684 , type = Hold, ifl index 348 does not exist TYPE-SPECIFIC INFO: none

What we looked at:

    1. Yes everything was rebooted;

    2. Yes The satellite look fine;

    3. Yes the latest firmware is on the MX and the QFX;

        MX: junos-install-mx-x86-32-17.2R1.13.tgz

QFX: satellite-3.1R1.3-signed.tgz since satellite-3.1R1.4.tgz is not signed so it cannot be installed.

4. Yes the optic are the same that those working in our QFX Junos native;

And no amount of GoogleFu could find a solution. Our next step is JTAC.

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