Martin T writes:
>I have noticed that certain commands executed on CLI provide some
>additional information over corresponding RPCs. For example "show ipv6
>neighbors" or "show system storage" on CLI show column names while XML
>output does not contain this data. Why is that so?

Both the CLI and RPC content contain the same information, but the
CLI takes the data supplied by the RPC and displays it using rules
specified by the developer.  These rules include column headers,
field titles, and other gritty little details.

But these are "display" features.  The API is meant to allow access
to the data, and to make that data the same data used by the CLI,
so the API is complete, up-to-date, well-tested, and useful.

If you want to use the API to get pure text data, we do have the
'format="text"' attribute that can be put on an RPC.

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