On 6/Mar/18 10:32, Saku Ytti wrote:

> Hey Dejan,
> I wouldn't worry about this. The MTU check never should have existed
> in pseudowire signalling.

Fully agreed!

>  It's even vendor dependent how they
> calculate they MTU, so you might have exactly correct MTU in A-B end,
> but you will get MTU mismatch because they calculate different thing
> in A and B end.
> I personally signal statically defined MTU, because that is more
> transferrable, you may get B end which does not support ignore, but if
> A end supports ignore + statically defined MTU, you can always get the
> circuit up by just configuring A end correctly.
> There is absolutely no impact to dataplane in signalling the MTU
> correctly or incorrectly, it's just misguided attempt to avoid
> configuration mistakes.


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