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> We have recently started playing with MX204 and Junos Fusion, and that makes
> a really nice setup.
> With either EX4300 (for 1G) or QFX5100 (for 10G), you get a lot of ports and
> a great routing engine for a "decent" cost.

I have strong dislike to satellite solutions. I'd rather even run L2
backhaul than satellite. There tends to be all kind of catches and
esoteric differences between 'native' port and satellite port, and
those are not documented anywhere, probably not even known to vendor,
and you just stumble on them as you go. As well as you have to carry
the increased bug surface of the vendor's proprietary host<->satellite

Granted at least JNPR offering allows you to run same device as pure
L2, with Cisco offering it is satellite-only box, cannot be used as

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