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> 1. The Python 3 is displayed  as "Python [default]" in my JupyterHub in
> the list of notebooks.
> Where do I have to modify to display it as "Python 3.5" in my JupyterHub
> in the list of notebooks.
The "[default]" bit probably means you're using the nb_conda_kernels
extension, which replaces our handling of kernelspecs with a mechanism to
find kernels in conda envs. That can be convenient, but if you'd rather
control the available kernels with kernel.json files, you can remove the

> 2. When I install a python package, what command can I use to get it
> installed in both python 2 (anaconda2) and python3 (anaconda3)?
> Do I need to run conda install command in ananconda 2 and anaconda3?

Yup. Each Python has its own separate collection of installed packages, and
installing a package adds it to whichever one you're using to install it.

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