So normally when I try to create a new notebook I will go to the directory 
that I want the notebook and select "New" on the right side of the screen 
and "Python 3" for a new notebook.

However after several updates I have noticed that when I do this the new 
notebook is created in the Jupyter start directory rather than the 
directory I am currently showing in the home page. No matter what folding I 
am in, it will always just create the new untitled document in the base 
directory. This is not just for Python but R NBs as well.  

There is a second way to make a new notebook. And this is from an already 
opened notebook. "File" -> "New Notebook" if I do this, then the new 
notebook is created in the same folder as the current notebook. 

Any ideas why the "New" option on the Home screen wont use the current 
directory? Any ideas how to reset this? 


Mark M

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