I am attempting to associate a jupyter notebook with a running IPython 
kernel. This kernel is running outside of jupyter (accomplished by running 
the following code in a python process):

import IPython


which produces the following output

To connect another client to this kernel, use:

    --existing kernel-9692.json

I can attach to this kernel through jupyter console and jupyter qtconsole, 
but not with jupyter notebook. As referenced in this issue 
<https://github.com/ipython/ipython/issues/4066> this is not because of any 
inherent technical limitation, but rather because it would be confusing 
from a UI perspective.

I believe the first step would be registering the running kernel with the 
jupyer notebook server so that the kernel is returned on GET 
localhost:8888/api/kernels. The hope being then that I could point an 
existing jupyter notebook to use that kernel (I haven't figured out how to 
do that as it doesn't appear to be documented on this page 

How can I achieve this first step of registering this IPython kernel with a 
running jupyter notebook server?

Thanks in advance.

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