Scripted Forms

Quickly create beautiful reactive GUIs for Python packages using Markdown 
and a few custom HTML elements. Under the hood it uses the Jupyter Notebook 
server, Angular, Angular Material, Phosphor and JupyterLab.

Display is based upon the cell output within JupyterLab's notebook so most 
items that display within the notebook should work here.

To quickly take it for a spin write:

pip install scriptedforms

Then open a python prompt (not an ipython prompt) and copy in the following:

import scriptedforms as sf
# workaround for 
create_file(filename, contents):
    with open(filename, 'w') as f:

filename = ''
markdown_contents = """# An 

create_file(filename, markdown_contents)

See for how you can then edit 
the resulting markdown file and how you can use Scripted Forms to quickly 
make GUIs for your python package utilities.



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