I'd like to give more people a chance to weigh in on a design decision 
regarding nbconvert.

Since the --execute option was added to nbconvert back in 2014 (when it was 
still part of IPython), it has had a configurable per-cell execution 
timeout. By default, code that takes longer than 30 seconds is cut off, and 
nbconvert fails. A different limit can be set, or the timeout can be 
disabled entirely, so that it will leave the code running for as long as it 

There is a proposal to disable the timeout by default, so people who wanted 
any timeout would have to set it explicitly. I think this would make sense 
if we were designing a new feature today, but I'm still trying to work out 
whether it's worth changing a default that people have had several years to 
get used to. If we do change it, I'd like to give warning messages first, 
but providing warnings doesn't necessarily mean people will see them.

Here's the issue for more in-depth discussion:


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