Here is a very interesting article I saw mentioned on HackerNews about why
someone switched from Mathematica to Jupyter:

Some quotes:

"The [recent Atlantic] article asks why Jupyter succeed where Mathematica
failed. The obvious contrast is between the proprietary world of Wolfram
and the open-source model of the software ecosystem that Jupyter mobilizes."


"In the larger contest between open and proprietary models, Mathematica
versus Jupyter would be a draw if the only concern were their technical
accomplishments. In the 1990s, Mathematica opened up an undeniable
lead. Now, Jupyter is the unambiguous technical leader.

"The tie-breaker is social, not technical. The more I learn about the open
source community, the more I trust its members. The more I learn about
proprietary software, the more I worry that objective truth might perish
from the earth."



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