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> On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 3:17:01 PM UTC-5, TrueNorth wrote:
>> Hello K9 community.  I have a question and perhaps one of you can shed 
>> some light on this.  I would prefer that the Borg not pick through my 
>> outbound email.  I use a privately run SMTP server to send mail and I have 
>> a gmail account that manages inbound mail for my android device.  With this 
>> architecture, I thought that my gmail account would not see and have no 
>> record of sent messages, but I looked today and every message off my device 
>> is there on gmail in the "sent" folder.  Somehow K9 is leaking my sent 
>> messages to gmail.  Is that how K9 is supposed to work? 
> Greg, it seems to me that, if an smtp server is configured, then K9 should 
> not put a copy in the sent folder.  ?? 

Your combination setup and goals are very unusual; the notion that you
are ok with your incoming but not outgoing mail in an IMAP account is
one that I have never encountered before.  Plus, there are plenty of
other reasons, other than Sent-folder paranoia, to use a different
outgoing SMTP server than the IMAP server.  So you should not expect
that the defaults suit you, and instead should go through every single
setting to see if it is what you want.

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