Slamet Raharjo said the following on 10/08/11 15:05 +07:00:
> Artinya saya harus memasukkan IP Address terhadap user Admin di mana
> KCF tersebut terinstall pak (please find an attchment), Apakah
> seperti ini maksudnya ?


> Jadi jika ini saya terapkan ke client, nanti seolah-olah client tidak
> di minta authentikasi lagi ya pak, walaupun user tersebut konek dari
> beberapa pc yang berbeda ip address, intinya bisa connect dari 5 ip
> address yang berbeda dan di anggap hanya 1 user yang aktif ?

Kira-2x mirip seperti itu untuk koneksi tanpa authentication.
Kalau di tcp/ip client di set gateway address = IP-address-kCF-server,
maka setiap ada query dari internet enable application akan mentrigger
koneksi ke KCF, koneksi macam inilah yang dimaksud akan diperhitungkan 5
koneksi = 1 user license counting usage.

Tetapi kalau authentication di force "harus" sehingga semua user secara
sadar authenticate maka license count usage akan otomatis berlaku.

Force non-transparent proxy server authentication

    Under usual circumstances, a user connected to the firewall from a
particular computer is considered as authenticated by the IP address of
the host until the moment when they log out manually or are logged out
automatically for inactivity. However, if the client station allows
multiple users connected to the computer at a moment (e.g. Microsoft
Terminal Services, Citrix Presentation Server orFast user switching on
Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008),
the firewall requires authentication only from the user who starts to
work on the host as the first. The other users will be authenticated as
this user.

    In case of HTTP and HTTPS, this technical obstruction can be passed
by. In web browsers of all clients of the multi-user system, set
connection to the Internet via the Kerio Control's proxy server (for
details, see chapter 10.4  Proxy server), and enable the Enable
non-transparent proxy server option in Kerio Control. The proxy server
will require authentication for each new session of the particular

    Forcing user authentication on the proxy server for initiation of
each session may bother users working on “single-user” hosts. Therefore,
it is desirable to force such authentication only for hosts used by
multiple users. For this purpose, you can use the Apply only for these
IP addresses option.

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