Kerio Control Firewall 7.3.0 release




Version 7.3.0 - February 28, 2012
+ StaR email reports
+ Basic IPv6 support
+ Daily IPS Blacklists updates
* Speed and stability of Kerio Control Administration has been improved
with smart caching of data and resources
+ Possibility to Suggest Idea to Kerio from the product
+ Voluntary usage statistics gathering
* Appliance Edition: Improved hardware support
+ Appliance Edition: Added possibility to manually specify DNS and
gateway for DHCP configured interfaces
+ Web Filter categories can be reviewed in list of URL Rules in Kerio
Control Administration
+ Yandex added to list of search engines (StaR and HTTP policy)
+ CIDR notation can be used to specify network mask in Kerio Control
* Kerio Control Administration suggests optimum values for some items,
e.g. network masks
* Comma and space are converted to a delimiter while entered in field
for IP address or mask in Kerio Control Administration
* Appliance Edition: PPPoE interface is hung up and redialed when
administrator changes interface MTU
+ Kerio Control Administration displays warning if Kerio Control runs on
a computer with RAM size not meeting system requirements
+ Connection log used to display DNS names if available IP addresses
otherwise. Now the IP address is always displayed (together with the DNS
* Kerio Web Filter server address changed
* HTTP keywords filtering performance significantly improved
- Fixed: Appliance Edition: StaR database engine could crash
- Fixed: Several minor bugs in Microsoft Active Directory integration
- Fixed: Link Load Balancing can cause long HTTP session to expire
- Fixed: Antivirus scanning rules ignores URLs which begin with 'ftp://'
- Fixed: Server defined as IP:port was not handled properly in HTTP policy
- Fixed: Unable to login to Kerio Control Administration when primary
domain is inaccessible and user account "Admin" is missing in local user
- Fixed: Unable to start Web administration from Kerio Control Monitor
on Windows x64 platforms under certain circumstances
- Fixed: User name containing special characters is not displayed
correctly in StaR
- Fixed: Deleted files are kept in the list of files until screen is
refreshed in Clientless SSL-VPN
- Fixed: Direct SIP calls between two clients in Local network are
reported as SIP VoIP in StaR
- Fixed: VPN Client: It was not possible to connect to VPN server
defined by name with an underscore
- Fixed: Uninstallation could leave some files (upgrade backups) on disk
- Fixed: Error "(99) Socket error: Unable to bind socket for service"
sometimes logged on firewall startup
- Fixed: Appliance Edition: Admin account remained disabled when
importing configuration from Windows with disabled Admin account
- Fixed: Appliance Edition: Restart after configuration import sometimes
freezed the appliance
- Fixed: Appliance Edition: Low free space alert was not sent for
depleted temporary storage
- Fixed: Windows Firewall was not sometimes correctly stopped on Kerio
Control engine startup
- Fixed: HTTP Protocol Inspector unnecessarily closed keepalive
connection after HTTP 304 response had been received
* FTP over HTTP proxy: improved upload speed on high speed lines with
high latency
* Improved error handling in configuration export/import
* Appliance Edition: Improved stability of KRB5 authentication
* Serial port removed from Parallels Virtual Appliance

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