Kerio Control Firewall 9.2.1 release pagi ini.

Versi ini mendukung CPU 64-bit.
CPU 32-bit masih disupport, akan tetapi nanti di versi 9.3 akan dihapus
dukungan terhadap CPU 32-bit.





Released on: an 24 2017

Release History:

Version 9.2.1
+ Geoip filtering - added possibility to block incoming connection based
on country of origin
* Significant performance improvements
* x86-64 architecture - 64-bit CPU is now supported
* IPsec VPN tunnel ciphers can be configured in administration
* Login guessing protection is now enabled by default
* Changed closed/reset connection timeout
- Samepage.io backup option removed
- Fixed: VPN client prompts user to accept valid certificate
- Fixed: VPN client DNS issues when 2-Step verification was enabled but
not performed

Introducing Kerio Control 9.2.1

Kerio Control 9.2.1 brings you a significant performance improvement in
all Kerio Control's security and inspection methods and filters. For

    Improved performance by 15-20% with update to 64-bit hardware.

    Large Segment Offload (LSO).

Optimizing performance with LSO

Kerio Control includes Large Segment Offload (LSO), also referred to as
Generic Segmentation Offload (GSO). LSO allows the network interface
controller to process the segmentation of a data transfer and causes
significant performance improvements. However, these improvements are
noticeable only during large data transfers, such as file downloads, or
video streams.

The throughput gain depends on the particular deployment. To give you an
example, you can expect up to 400 Mbps on the Kerio Control NG100
hardware appliance.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Optimizing performance with Large
Segment Offload (http://kb.kerio.com/1990)

Blocking incoming connections from specified countries

Kerio Control allows you to create a filter for incoming traffic based
on countries (GeoIP). Kerio Control then blocks all IP addresses that
belong to the selected countries.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Blocking all incoming connections from
specified countries (http://kb.kerio.com/1973)

IPsec VPN tunnel configuration update

Kerio Control 9.2 adds a detailed configuration for IKE and ESP ciphers
used in IPsec VPN tunnels. With this detailed configuration you can
easily create IPsec VPN tunnels with third-party firewalls.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Configuring IPsec VPN tunnel
Changes in System Requirements
Added support

    Kerio Control supports 64-bit hardware.

    Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016

Discontinued support

    Backup to Samepage. Back up your Kerio Control configuration to
MyKerio instead: Saving configuration to MyKerio

    Support for hardware with 32-bit CPU will be removed in Kerio
Control 9.3.

For more details, see Kerio Control technical specifications.

    Kerio Control 9.2 and newer supports 64-bit hardware.
    Upgrade from Kerio Control 8.0 and newer.
    Kerio Control disables upgrade from older versions.

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