Kerio Control Firewall 9.2.2 release.




Release Note:

Introducing Kerio Control 9.2.2

Kerio Control 9.2.1 brings you significant performance improvements in
all Kerio Control's security and inspection methods and filters. For

    Kerio Control now supports 64-bit hardware, which can improve
performance by 15-20%

    Large segment offload (LSO)

Kerio Antivirus

Kerio Control 9.2.2 introduces Kerio Antivirus. Kerio Antivirus is
powered by the Bitdefender antivirus engine and replaces the current
Sophos Anti-Virus.

When upgrading to Kerio Control 9.2.2 from earlier versions, Kerio
Antivirus automatically replaces the Sophos Anti-Virus.


Optimizing performance with LSO

Kerio Control includes large segment offload, also referred to as
generic segmentation offload. LSO allows the network interface
controller to process the segmentation of a data transfer and
significantly improves performance. However, these improvements are
noticeable only during large data transfers, such as file downloads, or
video streams.


Blocking incoming connections from specified countries

Kerio Control allows you to filter incoming traffic by country (GeoIP).
Kerio Control then blocks all IP addresses that belong to the countries
specified in the filter.


IPsec VPN tunnel configuration update

Kerio Control 9.2 adds a detailed configuration for IKE and ESP ciphers
used in IPsec VPN tunnels. With this detailed configuration you can
easily create IPsec VPN tunnels with third-party firewalls.


Changes in system requirements
Added support

    Kerio Control supports 64-bit hardware.

    Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016.

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