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Demo file with two customized networth reports

And not only the equity accounts: also income and expense accounts are used.
That certainly is absolutely false. The attached file shows the problem (at
least in master). It contains two customized reports (correct and false). The
false one is a copy of the default networth report just the name has been
adjusted. I tweaked the configuration so that the correct one shows how the
graph must appear.

Ralf, can you check if the default (false) one also shows false values in 4.8
so that we know about the status of 4.8. 

Also, I noticed that the account tab of the report configuration now shows all
five account groups when only two (or maybe three with equities) are allowed.
To have income and expenses here is *wrong*. I have no idea where this comes

Again, let's check if this is in 4.8 as well as master or only master.

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