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> > One needs to file it once to fix the file so we need a fix to solve
> > this issue in code also.
> I fixed that by open report configure dialog and press okay.

I think that this issue indicates a generic problem in case the reporting
engine may be extended/updated in the future and how to make sure that present
reports are still working. 

This issue relates also to the usage of the expert mode, to which new stuff may
be bound but on the other side may not work together with other features people
depends on.
An example is that the display of equity accounts is bound to expert mode in
several locations and it might be a good idea to bound the usage of equity
account in reports to bound to this flag too and let people disable expert mode
to not have equity accounts in reports. But this does not work for people
depending on equity accounts been enabled (see for example 

On the other side people may want to have a report about net worth change in
this year not including opening balance, which is what the "Net worth graph
(false)" report shows. 

If I'm incorrect about my assumptions in this statement please let me know.

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