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> After looking at isl6421 datasheet, I think I know what may be happening.
> The driver is programmed to use the dynamic current overflow protection.
> Such circuit is meant to protect the device from troubles when it sends a
> current to the LNBf. As stated there:

    "as soon as an overload is detected, the output is shut down for a time T
OFF, typically 900ms


     However, there could be some cases in which a highly capacitive load on
the output may cause a difficult start-up, when the dynamic protection is
chosen. This can be solved by initiating a power start-up in static mode (DCL =
HIGH) and then switching to the dynamic mode (DCL = LOW) after a chosen amount
of time."

The driver currently doesn't implement it, but something occurred to me: do you
have any other device connected to the satellite antenna? When you have
multiple devices connected to the antenna, you need a DiSEqC switch.
Additinally, only one should be powering up the antenna on a given time.

If more then one device is connected, and another device is already powering
the antenna, trying to change the voltage (in order to switch the polarization)
will fail.

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