--- Comment #295 from Simone Gaiarin <> ---
Have you tried to test with a live USB like neon? just to  be sure that the
problem is not related to config files.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018, 09:12 Michael Butash <> wrote:

> --- Comment #294 from Michael Butash <> ---
> @ghost53947, I'm using arch, and running latest -Syu as of that posting
> 1/21,
> which was with plasma 5.11.5-1 on arch.  It's every bit as broken as 5.8 I
> upgraded from, and others prior still broken the same way.  With arch
> through
> early 5.x plasma I've cleared my .config kde settings, but this is just
> still
> inherently broken somehow despite any userland intervention I've found.
> My video hardware is a dell precision 7910, nvidia 1070GTX, 3x Club3d
> DisplayPort 1.2 adapters to HDMI 2.0, nvidia 3.87.34-5, and 3x Samsung
> JU6700
> displays.
> Occasionally KDE freaks out and throws a monitor to 620x480 when powering
> off
> and back on, it can't seem to read edid's, but some compatible visa mode,
> which
> is lovely.  The display settings can't change it, so something hardware or
> drive seems to glitch in doing so.
> Usually rebooting is the only fix I can find then, and tried various dp to
> hdmi
> adapters even if something there.  First comes kde usually glitching,
> flickering, particularly with anything gl based, and otherwise just
> continues
> to unwind itself over days to months until I reboot, upgrade, or some
> combination to reset the clock.
> I can sometimes stave it off disabling compositing under kde, but either
> way it
> degrades obviously over time like a bad leak, and every hard power-off of
> display degrades it significantly.  I don't expect this is fully software,
> partially hardware, but either way it doesn't handle the displays coming
> and
> going in any way gracefully.  Compositing is the devil I find.
> I like KDE.  I want to use KDE.  I appreciate this is normally a beautiful
> environment to replace windoze.  It really annoys me that somehow, this
> same
> series of issues around multi-monitor have persisted almost as long as I
> have
> used linux as a full-time desktop/laptop os (circa 2006) across everything
> I
> do.  Usually ubuntu, sometimes others like mint, lately arch, but in every
> respect, kde is still the same weird, broken beast with graphics and
> multi-monitor systems the same way.
> I'm really hoping my describing these things help those writing the
> important
> bits to the OS in recognizing problems we see in every day use.  So many
> years
> later, you can say I'm a bit soured.  Then I try windows or mac, and hate
> them
> so much more, and deal with linux with whatever DE regardless.
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