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> I can reproduce the issue much more easily by just running the following
> command on host B:
>     $ lp -d tofile-hp -o "fit-to-page orientation-requested=0" d02917-001
> The problem you encounter seems to be related to those two options being set
> together.

I can reproduce the issue too by running the command on Host A:

lp -d tofile-hp -o "fit-to-page orientation-requested=0" d02917-001

> I'm wondering where the "orientation-requested=0" option comes from.
> The CUPS documentation [1]  just lists the values 3,4,5 and 6 for the
> "orientation-requested" option.
> At first glance, it does not seem like either Okular or Qt would be setting
> anything for the "orientation-requested" option. ("git grep
> orientation-requested" in the Okular and Qt git repositories did not show
> any result.) For me, the option is not set at all either when when I print
> using Okular on Fedora 26.
> Is there any file $HOME/.cups/lpoptions or /etc/cups/lpoptions present on
> host A?
> Or do you have any other ideas where this option might come frome?

I have no clue where the option orientation-requested=0 comes from.
The file $HOME/.cups/lpoptions on host A contains only the default printer like
"Default HPM880".
The file /etc/cups/lpoptions on host A is empty and on host B as well.

Just one very interesting thing.
I have installed the printer on host B and named it "HPM880Test".
I am able to print on host A from Okular. The output is OK.
Now it is getting weird. When I uninstall the printer "HPM880" and reinstall
again on host B and name it again "HPM880" the output is again A5.
I think it has something to do with the name. It must be somewhere in a file

> [1]

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