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I have no own experience yet with support of high-dpi devices yet, so can only
do guesses based on docs.

The CSS used for the markdown rendering has all sizes given in pixels, cmp.
I picked that stylesheet as it seems a good one, and having no designer
education myself, I also do not want to start messing with CSS :)
That CSS is currently hardcoded, but happy to add support to allow people
overwriting that, see

The openSUSE packages are built against Qt WebEngine. That one recommends to
have Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling set in the code, so things are properly scaled
given that web rendering by standards is based on 96 dpi IIRC.

Kate itself seems to not set that flag in the code yet, grepping the code yield
no hit.

a) What do you mean exactly by "system is set to only have forced DPI of 168
while scaling factor is 1." ?

b) Could you try to run Kate with QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR set to TRUE in
the environment and tell if this improved things for you?
E.g. by opening a terminal and starting kate like this
Cmp. also

If that improves things for you, it would then make sense to add code to Kate
to set the respective flag directly.

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