Bug ID: 390728
           Summary: New Features And More Configurability Options For Kate
           Product: kate
           Version: 17.12.0
          Platform: Archlinux Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: wishlist
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
  Target Milestone: ---

I'm trying to migrate from Sublime Text (non FOSS) to Kate, but i have a few
features that i can't find on Kate and i would like to see on Kate in the
future. I proceed to enumerate and briefly explain them.
1: Reopen last closed document. On Sublime Text, the key binding for this
action is like on most web browsers, Ctrl-Shift-T, on Kate this action divides
the screen or the document into one more part, for each time i use it. I would
like there would be an option to do this.
2: Keep the zoom manually changed by the user. When i change the zoom/text size
with the mousewheel or Ctrl and -/+ it's nice, but when i close Kate and reopen
it, the zoom is restablished at its default value, this is kinda frustrating
for me. It would be great if you add an option at the settings for the zoom
would be maintained as the user establish it, not individual for each document,
global i mean, Sublime does like this.
3: Keep documents which are not saved opened when Kate closes. On Sublime,
(yeah i know, Sublime reference again), i usually create a new document, write
whatever i need and i don't save that document/s, when i close Sublime Text and
reopen it, the document is till there, the program doesn't ask the user if he
wanna save, not save or cancel when he closes the program, i don't know if the
developers keep it as a temporal file or what, but i really think this is a
great feature.
4: Key Bindings. I really can't i'm gonna say this but i can't find this option
at Kate, i mean, the option to customize every keyboard shortcut and its
action, this option is available on Sublime Text and i miss it on Kate.
5: More configuration options. This is something i never would imaginate in a
KDE Software, but i feel like Sublime has got more options to configurate than
Kate, and specifically, i like the way that Sublime allows the user to edit the
options, not GUI, it opens the documents to edit with Sublime itself, the
configuration documents, i mean. And Themes, there is an option on the Sublime
menus for change the theme for another one you have installed or downloaded.
Thank you so much for such a great software and keep working to improve Kate
even more ^^. I would be very pleased if you can evaulate these few comments
about Kate, i really think that would be great.

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