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(In reply to Nate Graham from comment #1)
> Thanks for your suggestions! I know what you mean; Sublime Text is really
> nice.
> However, bug reports with multiple issues/requests cannot be actionable;
> each bug report must track only a single issue or feature request. See
> quality_bug_report
> Also, please search for existing bug reports before filing a new one (see
> _Make_sure_it_hasn.27t_already_been_filed). Some of the requests here are
> already tracked by existing tickets. For example, #3 is Bug 353654.
> for #4, you can customize the keybindings the same way you can in every KDE
> app: Settings > Configure shortcuts
> for #5, such a general request cannot be actionable. Please file a separate
> ticket for every feature you would like to request.

Ok Nate, thanks for your quick response, i'll do it better in the future, i'm
starting to use, this isn't an excuse, but i received the same
advice on others bugs or whislist i opened, as i said, i'm sorry for the
3: I read it, and that's right, i didn't search for it, i'm sorry again, but i
think this hasn't solved yet, right?
4: Oh yes, sorry i need to try and search a little on the GUI before ask, but
it isn't what i said at point 1, i can't find the option "restore last closed
5: I see, i'll probably open a new ticket for this request.
As i said, i'll do it better at the future tickets i open here, thanks and
sorry for the inconveniences.

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