Bug ID: 390745
           Summary: Request Of New Features For Falkon/QupZilla
           Product: Falkon
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Archlinux Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: wishlist
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
  Target Milestone: ---

I have been using Falkon/QupZilla since 2 days as the main web browser on my
system. And i would like to request and comment new features that i think
improve the UX and the quality of the software.
1: Update to latests versions of the software core, at "About QupZilla" window,
i see that the Chrome/Chromium version mentioned is 61.x, being the actual on
stable channel, the 64.x. I think the update of these core parts would be
better for the performance of the web browser.
2: Deloper tools. I notified since the first day i tried this software (about 4
weeks ago more or less), that i can't open any developer tools or anything like
that, (i tried with the habitual keyboard shortcuts, like F12, Ctrl-Shift-I but
nothing opened, even searching for any of that at the options, but i didn't
find anything) and i think this is an essential feature for this kind of
3: Advanced options. I can't see any advanced options, like on Firefox is
"about:config" or the flags on Chromium/Chrome etc. I would like to have this
on this software, to configure some advanced parameters, like the way that the
web browser reacts to a click on the URL bar, and if the url is selected,
double click on it, trim the URL or not, etc.
4: Support of the plugins. I'm not a heavy user of this kind of
addons/plugins/extensions, however you prefer to call them. But i really would
like to can install uBlock Origin (yeah, i know that QupZilla/Falcon has its
own adblocker but uBlock Origin is for me, better, because it's FOSS too, and
above all, it allows much more configurability than i have seen on the built-in
adblock) or some others plugins, available on Chromium/Firefox, etc.
I really have a lot of hope on this web browser and i would like to use it as
an alternative that hasn't got any difference of base features when it's
compared with Firefox, Chromium and that. I have to add that the Speed Dial (a
feature that i never found on Firefox or Chromium and i missed very much from
Opera, Maxthon, Vivaldi, etc) is really great, i didn't try it a lot, but looks
great, and i remember from Opera too, the feature to could change the wallpaper
on that screen, just amazing.

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