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(In reply to David Rosca from comment #1)
> 1. That depends on QtWebEngine. New Qt release usually ships with
> QtWebEngine based on newer Chromium.
> 2. Developer tools can be enabled by setting
> QTWEBENGINE_REMOTE_DEBUGGING=12345 env variable (you can use any port you
> like, 12345 in this example). QtWebEngine 5.11 will have proper developer
> tools without this hack.
> 3. Advanced options are in preferences, I don't see any reason for this.
> 4. AdBlock implementation can be improved, but if you really want uBlock you
> should write to the uBlock addon developer.
> There is a GSoC project to add support for JavaScript/QML extension which
> should make writing extensions easier.

Thanks, i read something about that yeah, on Twitter, i'm very excited about
2: So basically at the future, the developer tools will be implemented as
native? With QtWebEngine, right?
3: I saw them, but there are only 4 options on the Appearance, what i can see
and there are not what i mean, i mean, some really advanced options, related
to, as i said, like in Mozilla Firefox, is about:config, i suppose you know it,
but there are a lot of options, which change the behavior of the software.
4: Ok, i will write him to telling that.
Thanks for your surprisingly speed responses and thanks for your hard work.
Receive a huge hug.

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