--- Comment #6 from Scott Harvey <> ---
Definitely confirmed. This script does not like to be run at the "." level of a
source package. I've been logging it and tracing it all evening. It tries to
use "." as the output directory, and in one of the blocks, it wants to erase
what was previous written as it does a second pass. Since it believes "." is
the output directory, when it calls "rmtree" to clean house, it takes
everything. (See approx line 112 of

It also doesn't properly warn about the lack of the Graphviz package, which is
used to generate those nifty dependency diagrams in the API docs. Once I
installed it, a certain set of errors ceased. There's code in the
argument-parsing module that's supposedly checking for Graphviz, but it seems
to get skipped. 

I'm not familiar with how this tool is supposed to be run, if not from the root
of a source folder. But running it from "." is definitely broken.

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