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> (In reply to Colin Griffith from comment #2)
> > I don't think I have all the packages necessary to compile Labplot, but I
> > can probably try installing them and doing so. The 'INSTALL' file seems to
> > include all the info I'll need for that :)
> Yes, once the dependencies are installed it should be pretty
> straight-forward to compile LabPlot. Don't forget to do 'make install' in
> the build folder. If you have any problems or questions, please reach out to
> us.

I have it compiled, but it isn't being picked up by DrKonqi when it crashes.
Repeating a crash is rather difficult, so I just have to mess around with it
until it happens again.

I have it installed into a directory in my home folder, with $PATH and
$XDG_DATA_DIRS modified to reflect the location. Specifically, I have this in
my .profile:


Without modifying $XDG_DATA_DIRS, the program would mostly run but crash more
frequently (and complain about files missing on startup; honestly, the warning
that popped up is what led me to knowing that I needed to to begin with, and I
was very appreciative of that).

I suppose now I should compile it using /usr as the installation prefix, and
uninstall the version of Labplot from the repositories... Or do you have a
different recommendation?

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