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In case it's relevant, I suppose I should mention that the data I'm messing
with is 4401 data points, with X values ranging from 390 to 830, and Y values
ranging from 0 to 2. Most plots have 3 data sets plotted, and one fitting curve
for each (so 3 total fitting curves, and 6 curves total). Usually I have 2 such
data sets, and so 2 plots, making 12 curves total.

The exact data can be downloaded from these pages:

To get the exact data files I'm using, choose these options on the form:

1st page: 2-degree cone fundamentals in Energy (linear) units with a stepsize
of 0.1nm, in CSV format.

2nd page: 2-degree XYZ color matching functions with a stepsize of 0.1nm, in
CSV format.

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