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Fair enough about the Desktop Toolbox. Of course, I remember seeing a Plasma
developer recently (can't remember who) comment that nobody uses it!

> the first thing people do if they want options is right click everywhere like 
> a nutter.

Computer experts with a mouse, yes. :) Regular people look for a thing with the
word "Settings" in its name.

> It's not a particularly giant leap that the most visibly massive prominent 
> thing on the desktop is part of the desktop.

For you and me, no. But it still doesn't have the word "wallpaper" in it, so a
large fraction of people are going to miss it. Besides, why should they have to
make a mental leap in the first place? If we make it a KCM, we can have a menu
item that says "Change wallpaper" and just open that KCM directly.

> The problem with the KCM is it then becomes super complex.
> You'd need a UI to choose which activity you're configuring
> Then you need a UI to choose which monitor you're changing

I think some creative UI design could work:
- For multi-screen setups, you could show a new window with the KCM on every
screen (this is what macOS does)
- For activities, you could move the wallpaper configuration UI into the
Activities KCM, making it explicit that 

One of our strengths is all this customizability and power, but we shouldn't
let it get in the way of providing a polished user experience for the average
user who has one screen and does not use activities.

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