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--- Comment #2 from Dan Jensen <> ---
What we've got here are two different issues. The last one first:

It seems that the KDE Store is providing something a little odd when you
request the previews. The specific example shown here is Arc, and the thumbnail
requested via OCS is
What is suggested in the URL is that it should be a 770x540 image, but what is
actually returned is 770x770, and just plain incorrect, both technically and
semantically. So, I'll forward this bug to the Store team, see if they can sort
that for us :)

For the second one, it seems as though SmallPreview is used (which is indeed
thumbnails, but they're supposed to be kind of small, and what's in Discover
is, quite distinctly, not small thumbnails...) So, don't use the intentionally
icon-sized thumbnails when what you want is a medium-sized preview (use the
full size previews in that list instead - i realise that having a middle point
would be useful and whatnot, but such an option does not exist in OCS). In
other words: The code was correct for the original design, when the preview
images on application pages were small, but as the design has changed and
requires large previews, that is no longer the case.

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